Hello~from a newcomer


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Dear polyamorous and polyfriendlies,

It´s great to meet you all here.

I am an absolute newcomer to polyamory. 34, male.

To be honest, I didn´t even know the word ´polyamory´until a few days ago :)
But somehow I identify myself with this philosophy.
Of course I have to give it a go before coming to conclusions, but my first impressions (from information and testimonials I´ve read) are that polyamory is a deep and sincere way of human relationships and is intimately connected to spirituality.

I am also a vegan, interested in ecovillages, alternative economy, spirituality, etc. so you can say I am experienced in doing (or at least exploring) things that most people around me think of as , so to say,´peculiar´ ;)

My girlfriend is not a poly as far as I know, so we are probably having a conversation one of these days. Wish me good luck :)

Anyway, it´s great to know people with affinities here on the forum so we can share impressions, experiences, etc.

By the way, I like hiking, writing, reading, etc....

Lots of peace and love



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Hey there!
I forgot to mention I have never met any poly (at least anyone aware of being so) in my life or had a conversation about this with anyone before. I look forward to reading lots of interesting stuff and resources here ...