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I want to introduce myself. We live in southeast Alaska and currently living in a "V" relationship with two lovely males whom I adore and love. We are as of current getting ready to make the transition into a full poly household where all three of us can live together with our kids. This will new a new thing for us and the kids to try to create a loving household that supports our growing family. I am hoping to learn and hear from other folks who have delt with the transition with the kids involved. Any advice would be greatly appericated. The conjoining of our households is before Christmas. Any way to make it easier on the kiddos to deal with a poly household.
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Hi DarkSucubus,
Welcome to our forum.

You might want to do a search, or tag search, for "kids," or "children." It should lead you to a number of insights about having kids in a poly household. The search menu is on the top bar of this page (a bit to the right).

It sounds like you guys have a loving bunch, with a good chance of making this moving-in-together thing work. Just be prepared for it to be a bumpy process in the beginning. You have to figure out what works for each of you. Sometimes privacy can be an issue. Will people have "caves" they can "retreat" to?

No kids myself, so I can't advise much, but maybe others will chime in here? If not, try starting your own thread under "Poly Relationships Corner."

Good luck (and good love) with all the exciting changes on the horizon.

Kevin T.


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Thanks for inviting me here, too, DarkSucubus. I'll introduce myself in a bit, as well. There are a lot of poly folks in Alaska!


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Hello from Texas. we look forward to learning more about you all.

We have often talked about moving to Alaska but not really sure if we could handle the cold. After living south for so long our blood is a little thin.