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Hello hello.

So I've deleted my social media's, FB and others a couple years ago and now I'm posting to a Polyamory site at the risk of exposing my self..

It's funny to me at least.

To be brief, I am 36. Married. Father many times over. And overall happy with life.

As a Bible Believer I have wrestled with mono/poly since the age of 12-13 when I was given my first Bible.

After reading through the threads, I have found many of you to have a similar backgrounds with similar and dissimilar results. My Faith is solid and yet my faith in the church is not.

I wish to live a private unspoiled life and unfortunately that seems to no longer be possible. After years of silence and faithfulness to my wife, I decided to share my "desire" to add an additional woman to my "household" to my wife's "surprise." Or shock really.

This does not feel like the place and time to quote scripture nor preach... so I'll simply say this. Polygyny, (1 man + 2 or more women) is not Sin. No one has produced chapter and verse to convince me otherwise. And likewise, no one has convinced me that monogamy only is the ONLY path forward in Christianity.

I'm crazy and boring at the same time. At least according to some people.
I pay my taxes. Own my own home. I don't drink (10 years sober). I don't smoke. I'm like 90% vegetarian.. I love my wife and my children and God.

If I'm greedy for wanting something, so be it, but the thing I want is more of what I have.
Familial Love.
I love my family and "simply" desire to grow my family Biblically.

I disagree with many lifestyles, I'm sure you can guess.

But I must say, why are men vilified for wanting to love and cherish a woman for the rest of his and her lifetimes. Especially in contrast to the guys that may only want a woman for her body on a temporary basis.

For 15 years, I have been faithful.
I am a sinner like everyone of you.

I will contend that not only is polygyny acceptable but ALSO good and righteous, when carried out righteously that is.

I look forward to the opportunity to share in discussions and meet some new people.

Thank you.
Welcome to our forum. Please feel free to lurk, browse, etc.

I know for a fact that patriarchal polygyny is condoned in the Bible (especially in the Old Testament), you are not incorrect in coming to that conclusion. Polygyny is a little bit different from polyamory (or maybe it's a subset of polyamory), however I am all for it if it is done with mutual consent. I can't tell whether your wife consents, she probably doesn't know as she is in a state of shock right now. You may have to wait awhile to get her genuine response to your request.

I would be happy to discuss this further.
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I still attend church (almost) every Sunday with both my wife and girlfriend, and even though the old ladies whisper, no one has said anything to me about it. I do feel strange about breaking the oath I made to my wife in the very same church over twenty years ago, but getting a girlfriend was her idea, so I guess it's okay?
Polyamory is more geared towards empowerment of women. As such, we believe what is okay for one partner should be okay for all partners. If a partner chooses and happily consents to be monogamous to a partner who is poly, thats okay, as long as she/he has the ability to choose polyamory as well and also has the right to change their mind At any point along the way.

if this is not what you want or are looking for, then you might not get much advice from this forum.