Hello from the Netherlands


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Hello to all.

I'm very excited i found this forum. I'm 28 years old, from the Netherlands, have a lovely girlfriend and recently found out that i'm able to fall in love with another girl, while i'm still very in love with my girlfriend.

Now i'm going to read your stories first. ;)


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My wife had a friend in high school from the Netherlands, then later visited when living in Europe as a military dependent. She loves the Netherlands and always wanted to marry a Dutchman.

So she ends up with me--and American of Dutch descent. We're nominally trying to learn the language, though remembering to dig out the materials on a daily basis has so far eluded us. We hope to someday take a holiday to visit, find her friend and some of my relatives.


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Going Dutch to an American party

Ff snel in het Nederlands...
I am duch living in the USA.
My ma said I should have just found a girl in Beekbergen... shoul'ave listened, now I am on the wrong side of the ocean.


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More and More Dutch members :)

Ik kom steeds meer Nederlands sprekende mensen tegen :)
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