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Hello. We (husband and I) are newbies to this way of life. Never heard the word "Polyamory" until we heard about it on TV. We are looking for others to find out more and are not currently invloved with anyone else. Clean drug free 30 somethings, professional, no kids (except fur babies). My husband is straight and I am bisexual (have been for 15+ years). We have a happy marriage to each other and aren't looking for "swinging". Frankly, we aren't interested in being with another man, but are interested in being with another female. But in a commited, romatic way. Not just 3some flings. Neither one of us function that way. Are very much in love with each other but as I have been with women in a serious relashionship sorta way in the past, had commited to just him when we married and we decided that was just something I was putting on the back burner. But as our relashionship has evolved the discussion has been coming up over the last few years. When we first saw that TV show showing a "triad" I thought to myself how awesome it would be to be fufilled in that way with both sexes. This started serious discussions between husband and I so we are exploring this way of life. We are open to dating another woman and even having a commited relashionship up to and including living together. SO... I am looking for ways to meet other folks that are living this way.. First and foremost how to date/find a female partner. We don't do bars on any regular basis and have tried personal ads to no avail. We are in west houston and are being somewhat secrative but are open to meet ups with groups living this way, etc. Neither one of us has much of a social life away from each other and our hobbies are together. I guess what I am trying to say is that we don't socialize in a way that allows us to meet new people. Thanks and look forward to hearing from other folks. - Melisa --Edit PS. Yes am looking for the unicorn HBB> sue me 8P
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Greetings Melisa,
Welcome to our forum.

You might try our Dating & Friendships subforum. Also there are some off-site resources:


Those three links may be of help in finding people to date. If you are interested in finding a local poly group to join, you could try:


And, you could google "Houston polyamory" and see what turns up.

Hope some of this helps.
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