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I'm littlegiggler, I'm a student in my early 20's and an currently seeing two people.
I was introduced to Poly by my current girlfriend 4 months ago and have found out so much about myself since! I've found that this may be the lifestyle that I was made for as seeing my partners happy, whether with me or other people, makes me so incredibly happy and that being free to like whoever I want (and be able to talk about it) has lead me to have some of the happiest relationships I've ever had. I do realise that I am still early days with it, but I can feel that, as long as I'm always honest with myself and the people I am with, this lifestyle can really work for me!
The reason I joined this site, more than anything, was for support. Although I'm more than happy to tell all my friends how happy I am and how well polygamy (and pansexuality) is working for me, I haven't been able to tell my family, most importantly my mother and after recent arguments over smaller and less significant parts of my life, I'm terrified to tell her anything. I was never a rebellious or moody teenager and was able to tell her everything. Now I feel stuck. This is becoming such a huge part of my life and I just feel I'm not able to tell her. I'd love to hear other peoples stories!


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Hello littlegiggler,
Welcome to our forum.

You might want to check out our Life stories and blogs board, there a lot of narratives about what has and hasn't worked for other people in their poly journeyings.

Sorry about the recent rift with your mother. Hopefully the two will be able to mend the tear a little at a time.

There are certainly many supportive people here, and you will no doubt make some new friends. Have a look around at our various threads, and post any thoughts or questions that come to your mind.

It takes a good bit of effort to make polyamory work, but the effort is well worth it (I think so anyway). I'm glad you could join us!

Kevin T.