Hi from Canada


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I discovered this forum while searching the net for answers to things I'm going through right now with my two bfs. But I suppose I should introduce myself first :)

I'm 44, divorced, and live with my adult daughter and our multitude of pets. My living arrangement is perfect as is, so haven't been inspired to have my poly bf of 2 1/2 years move in. We both like our privacy, and we both feel our relationship, though limited, is great as is. He is older, however, and not aging well, especially recently. This has left me increasingly feeling I need something more than what he can give. Which is fine; we have considered ourselves poly all this time, though none of my additional relationships have worked out long term so far. Apparently I'm too picky, lol.

This is starting to turn into my whole story, so perhaps I should continue in the general discussions area, and perhaps some of you could provide me with some insight.
Welcome to the forums, I hope you find some answers here with us.
Okay, okay, you guys, settle down now. Don't wanna scare off the new girl. At least not right away.

Hi. Welcome!
Give your globe a spin. We're way bigger and on top...you know what that would make you in prison right? :D

I just love it when you talk dirty!

mono, how did you know i am incarcerated?!! besides we no longer call it prison but go by the more urbane title of state correctional facility