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I've tried out a few poly forums before but never found any that have been welcoming to those in same sex poly relationships - my prayers have been answered finding this forum - thanks:D

I'm female and 26 and I've identified as poly for just over a year, when I found my girlfriend (Faery) I was already very much in love with a close friend (Pearl) and discovered the real me.

A year later and I'm happily settled with the two loves of my life. I've had a few other partners both male and female but for me 2 partners works best - I don't find I can spread my time equally enough and me fair to all with anyone else.

So this is me :D Hi


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Yes, Welcome!

This is quite a queer-friendly environment we've got here. Lots of us here are queer of one kind or flavor or another.


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I find it sad and ironic what some poly groups accept and don't.


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Welcome to the forum......don't see any reason as to why there would be any discrimination toward you here. There are so many open minded people on here for you to converse with.