Hitting on a couple...lol


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Alright here's a fun one! How would you, as an individual (not with your partner/partners) go about hitting on a couple?

Here's the situation: There is this couple who is very attractive to me. One of them is a person I matched with on tinder a few years ago and chatted with for a bit, nothing materialized because I was too swept up in a new relationship at the time (now my wife yay!). At a party recently I ran into them and their new gf (of at least 6 months but i dunno). They are an extremely hot, fit queer couple who arrived on a goddamn motorcycle. One is a carpenter, the other a tattoo artist. I swear this is real, hahaha NOT fiction.

My wife and I are expecting a baby this winter so this is my last summer for a while to have some fun! Goes without saying my lovely wife would be 110% fine with this. Hitting on a couple is double the risk so I need a doubly confident and compelling approach!

Context: all queer women involved. I need my approach to also make clear that I'm just looking for fun and would be psyched to hang with the original person of interest or either or both! Whatever they want :) OK if this were you - How would YOU shoot your shot??? Silly answers are welcome too!
I always lead with eye contact. I use that as a litmus test to see if there is any reciprocity that would work for me. If I can get the "longer than 3 seconds" gaze thing happening, the actual question is pretty easy.
Hi mesamil,

I guess it would depend on whether there will be a good opportunity to address both members of this couple at the same time. If not, you may want to pick one of the two, and just say to the one, "I find myself attracted to you, and wonder if we could go out sometime. Actually I'm attracted to both of you." Then later, you say something similar to the other partner. I don't know, there might be a better way to approach this, but that's the best I can think of for now.

Kevin T.
I wouldn't "hit on a couple," especially a couple that already might be in a triad with yet another person. But I don't like "just for fun group sex." I prefer deeper one-on-one relationships, even though I am poly as hell. But I guess you just want some exciting casual group sex before you settle down to parenthood. I'd try hitting on the woman you already knew from years back, and take it from there.
Hey mesamil,
Im not very experienced with hitting on couples but I have been in a similar situation. I think it depends on if you know wether they are in an open relationship/polyamorys. If you don’t, finding that out is a start. If they are not you have you awnser, if they are its not very difficult to change the topic to “would you want a threesome”. It’s easiest to do that with just the three of you there. If that’s not possible you could try mentioning to both of them that you find both of them attractive separately.
I hope this helps, good luck!