Holy crap... I have two husbands... when did that happen.

Life continues happily on for me.

Spent Christmas Eve with both the loves of my life. Murf came and spent the day with Butch, the boys and I. The next day after everyone got up I made a huge homemade breakfast. The kids got a haul. Then Murf the boys and I were off to spend the day with Murf's family.

New years eve I spent with Murf. We stayed in and went to bed early.. Lol. I split new year's day between Murf and Butch.

I am having surgery for my shoulder next month. Finally...

This weekend I am spending some solo time with Murf.
Happy 2015. I hope you have a smooth surgery and speedy recovery. I do hope you enjoy your weekend with Murf. All the best.
Life continues to be wonderful on the home front.

Things with my husbands continues on smoothly. Only drama on that front lately has been in regards to my up coming surgery. I will not be allowed to drive for weeks afterward and I usually go home to Murf every other weekend and one or two days during the week. I am having my surgery right before Murf's weekend off and he would like to come take care of me that weekend. Plus it is my birthday that weekend. Butch is being a dickhead and says he doesn't want him here.

I will figure something out even if I have to have Murf come pick me up and take me home. I am not going to cut him off if he wants to be here for me. He has been with me 3 years now. I have just as deep a relationship with Murf as Butch. Butch's relationship with his gf has soured so I am sure that has not helped.
Glad things are going well for you Dagferi:)
Tomorrow is surgery day and let me say I am scared out of my mind.
*Very gently hugs Dagferi* (if wanted, otherwise sending good vibes)

Surgery is scary! Totally makes sense to be scared. It seems like something you really need to have done and it will help you in the long run. And you have a fab support system.
Thinking good thoughts for you, hope everything goes well!
All the best, Dag and A2. Thinking of you both.
Surgery went ok... I didn't have to have my rotator cuff tendon repaired. The tear was small so a stitch did the job. Which is a huge relief. When you have rotator cuff surgery you lose strength and range of motion in your arm. Which I use for my career and my hobbies.

What was going on in my shoulder was I had many bone spurs and bursitis. They removed the bone spurs and reshaped my ball joint and cup of my shoulder, and treated my bursitis. The bone spurs were causing my joint to lock and pinching the nerves in my shoulder.

So hopefully this will take care of my problem. I will be joining the gym after I am cleared by my OS. I am hoping strength training will stabilize the joint and help prevent more bone spurs from occurring.

Today my pain level is with tolerable level. I HATE medications and try not to take them other than when needed. Butch is taking good care of me. Tomorrow I am heading to Murf's house to spend some quality time with him.
So glad it went well!
I seriously want to choke Butch. To put it bluntly the man has been a total assmarmot all week. I fell hard on ice Wednesday while he was at work when I went out for groceries. I hit my head and just had surgery last week so Murf came to take care of me, the kids, and critters. He didn't think it was smart for me to be alone. Butch cannot leave work even in an emergency.

Butch threw a fit because he was at the house. He has been working second shift all week.

All week I have asked Butch are we OK on hearing oil. I got told we have plenty. Guess who ran out tonight while the assmarmot was at work. Murf works 6p-6a. It is going down to -9 f tonight. I can't be without heat.

So I go get heating oil put it in and get the boiler going. I just had reconstructive surgery on my shoulder. I am not supposed to lift anything with my left arm. I want to die right now.

Do you think he could say sorry. No he begins to gaslight me. I know things have been pretty shitty on the BDSM front for him. I am sorry that is not something I can give him. He is free to pursue that elsewhere. He needs to stop punishing me because he is not getting those needs met and because I am happy with Murf.
Butch had kept his melodrama to a minimum the last few days.

I hate this weekend in the cycle of my guys schedules. Butch works 3-11 and Murf works this weekend to. So I have basically been left to my own devices this weekend. Tired to catch up on housework and now my shoulder is making me pay for it.

Butch's relief called off so he has to work a double. I am just laying in bed waiting for Murf to text me on his dinner break. I miss him terribly.

I will be going down to see him Monday and Tuesday. The kids and I will be down there also this weekend.

My shoulder is doing OK. Luckily it wasn't as bad as previously feared. Some days are better than others.
I am having a nice quiet evening.

Murf has to work a half shift tonight.. But he will be coming home at midnight and crawling in bed with me so that makes me happy. For now I am enjoying some alone time.
Life is going pretty well for me at the moment.

My kids both human and furry are happy and well adjusted.

Butch has relaxed back to his happy go lucky self. Unfortunately sometimes he needs some reassurance that I am not going anywhere. Emotionally or otherwise. You would think after 3 years he would secure and know that I am not going anywhere. ie Leaving him to be mono with Murf. As an INTJ I am just not able to be his safety blanket. He is working hard at being his own security blanket.

Murf has been tapped for overtime EVERY FREAKING time he has time off of work for the past month. It is freaking ridiculous. With his working 6pm to 6am it destroys any chance of us getting quality time. What little time he does have off he sleeps.

In two week Murf and I are going to Vegas. I am so excited. :D We are driving cross country and taking for 55 Chevy for Viva Las Vegas weekend. It will be the longest continuous time we have ever spent together. It is a 35 hour drive straight through. It will be one of those trips we will tell grandkids about...lol

Tomorrow Butch, Moose, Squirrel, and I are going to church. It is the first time in 4 years. We are Unitarian and the kids are excited. We found a congregation up here and are going to check them out.
6 Days until I leave for Vegas. Soooo... much to do and starting to freak out.
Currently enjoying my vacation with Murf. I am laying in bed curled up with him watching him sleep. We are about 2 hours from Vegas in a small mom and pop motel on Route 66.

So far our road trip has been decent. Other than we now need another new windshield for the truck and now one for the 55 Chevy.

Murf got to meet my aunts and grandmother. They loved him and treated him like family.

Yesterday we went to the Grand Canyon.
Life continues to happily roll on for me...

We had the plague (aka the flu) roll through our houses the past 10 days or so.

Poor Murf is the last one to get it but I spent the last two days taking care of him and getting some much needed snuggle time in with him.

I had to bail on him on our last scheduled weekend together due to illness. I didn't want to give him what I had. Unfortunately he caught the bug going around through work.

Butch is doing ok. He had some drama with his BDSM munch group that was causing some turmoil.

I have also started attending the local Unitarian church with Butch and the kids. (We attended and belong to another congregation before we moved.)While I was gone to Vegas with Murf, Butch "outed" me as poly to the church. Not that I cared because I do not hide Murf I just don't go screaming Hey look at me I am poly and have two husbands from the roof tops. No one batted an eye...lol. Some folks have asked some just general questions on time management and a lot of the teens are curious.

Other than that just enjoying the beautiful weather here and getting ready to go pick up the pizzas I ordered. I have to work a 12 hour shift tomorrow and I wont get home until 8pm and I don't want Moose and Squirrel to have to starve until I get home since Butch is working 3p-11p and Murf is working 6p-6a. They will nuke themselves left overs they like or wise they eat god knows what or hold out for me.
Too much to do today and not enough time... Lol

I have a kid to pack for a school retreat for... I have to pack myself for Murfs. Pets need care. Laundry is never ending.. Butch wants dinner in the crock pot for tonight when I am gone. I need to be over to the other house by lunch.

Taking a quick coffee break then back to the grindstone.