Houston-Polyamory Relationship Seminar


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Posted by: dreamer966 I and Loving More Nonprofit are thrilled to announce a one day seminar Loving Choices http://www.lovemore .com/conferences /loving-choices- seminars/ in Houston, November 23. As a Houston native with family in the area I/we have wanted to do a Loving Choices event for some time. A few weeks ago I found out I needed to be in Houston in November and so we decided to put together a one day event. We are looking forward to meeting the Houston Community and getting to know some new friends.

Complete information and registration details can be found at www.LMLovingChoices . http://www.lovemore .com/conferences /loving-choices- seminars/ com and on FaceBook event page at https://www. facebook. com/events/ 398659320263298/ ?source=1 https://www. facebook. com/events/ 398659320263298/ ?source=1.

We have five presenters on the roster and are open for a couple more. We need your help, if you are interested in presenting, becoming a sponsor or doing work exchange, please contact Robyn Trask, Robyn@LoveMore. com or call 970-667-5683.

I haven't been home (except for a two day wedding last year) in quite some time and I really looking forward to it.

Robyn Trask
Director Loving More Nonprofit
www.LoveMore. com http://www.lovemore .com