how (& why) to start a Social Group here


Here's the site FAQ about Social Groups --

Having a Group has distinct advantages over Main Forum threads.
  • a given Group isn't difficult to find (& can be freely promoted in the main Forum), but being a little "out of the way" its threads are less likely to get dragged off-topic, especially if Moderated (see next)
  • the Group founder can set it up so that the Group is Public (fully accessible to all site members) or Moderated (all posts must be approved by the founder before they appear publicly) or Invite Only (only those site members who are approved by the founder can launch or add to Group threads)
  • a Group that is Invite Only gives its members room to discuss things freely amongst themselves without concern for getting derailed by others: while nonmembers can of course read the discussions, they can't freely jump in. I've suggested Groups for "couple seeking our third" (so that they can compare notes & support each other) as well as polygamy & closed triads
  • though I can't remember how it works on this site, elsewhere if the founder of an Invite Only decides that someone is being disruptive, that person can be "disinvited," booted from access
  • FWIW, the Polyfidelity group had 115 members (#2) & 10 threads (#9), though its popularity faded two years ago
  • though often given a geographic purpose (nation, region, state, city), there are Groups whose focus is on religion, creative pursuits, living situations, & body image; there's even a Group for unicorns (41 members)
  • the biggest bummer about the Groups listing, though, is that its Search function is VERY literal: if you search for poly, it'll seek those four letters as if bracketed by a space on each end, & thus overlook the ones that instead use "polys" or "polyfidelity" or "polyamory" but not " poly " in their title & description
A Social Group here is somewhat similar to a special-interest group (or SIG) in the ACM or Mensa.

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