Howdy All ^_^


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My husband and I have realized that we are not the monogamous sort. This is funny because now it seems so many people around us are of the same mindset meaning we are not as crazy or as alone in this as we thought! ^_^

We are also relatively new to the lifestyle; therefore we are still feeling out the situation.

I'm a laid-back open-minded person, I’m very affectionate, passionate, humorous, and loyal. I love new experiences, instead of living life in a boring, routine way. My motto is I’ll try almost anything once (twice if I like it ^_^) I love to travel when possible, and anything to do with music is a go for me (plays, operas, dance clubs, piano bars, karaoke, live bands, etc)

I am a people person and tend to get along with most anyone. I’m not shy at all so chances are if I am out and about and a camera crew stops me I’m going end up on TV…trust me this has happened several times already. So if outgoing people make you nervous I might not be your cup of tea unless you’ve been looking for someone to drag you out of your shell.

My favorite hobby is writing science fiction so my imagination is all over the place. I like bowling, hiking trails and road trips, karaoke and more things than I can think of right now…lol.

My taste in music and entertainment is best described as eclectic because I like it all. I consider myself pansexual because I am first and foremost attracted to someone’s personality not their gender/looks.

I'm looking partners, married or single, age 25-55, that are looking to establish new friendships or a relationship, it can be short or long-term. They need to be laid-back, have a sense of humor, be good company, not stumped by long division, open to trying new things and for all that is holy… be a decent conversationalist please…lol. I love to talk but I don’t want to be the only one gabbering

I am anxious to learn more about this lifestyle. It’s very nice to meet you all!