I have a new friend


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Surpising as this is to me, and perhaps to many of you here, I have a new friend in whom I have a growing romantic interest.

We've known each other for 2 or 3 years, but just recently a new dimension of interest seems to be blossoming. We've had one very casual dinner date, which went very well. He knows, of course, that I am very happily married and is on friendly terms with my dear Hubby. Hubby and I have talked about my new interest in our friend, and he's has given me permission to cautiously proceed. The elephant doesn't seem to have an opinion.

This is the first time since Hubby and I started dating that I've allowed myself to explore these kinds of feelings for anyone else, and honestly, I'm a little giddy over it. And shy, and happy, and . . . you know, all those things we feel with NRE.

I'm certainly not going to do anything stupid, and I haven't even come out to him as poly yet. I will though, before anything happens that could be misinterpreted, or that could damage our friendship.

I fully realize that chances are good that nothing much will come of it. And I have no idea what the elephant may do. But at this moment, a smart, funny, interesting man thinks that I am smart, funny and interesting too. And I'm glad. :)
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Congrats, enjoy those yummy feelings. :) Good luck!