I stood up for what I wanted and now a MFM triad has been formed

So will I just had a lovely bundle of joy that I love more than the world she is so perfect. She has slept through the night so I am coming back to the world of the living. I am so now back from bad postpartum that took me to a bad place.

Now before I ranted on that my husband said no to being poly and so on and the world was ending and I just wanted to make him happy. That's true I do I want to see him smile and be happy but so do I, I don't want to just coast on by and be content with it. So I stood up and said I am poly and I want this I gave him a choice before a d now I am not be and can't be mono just by the fact I make those connections and with out them I feel lost or not whole I am content by all means but I also want to be happy. Make any sense? Well after I said this I gave him a few days to process and accept and I told him I love him I do and nothing would change that but when I found out he was still on AFF and Craigslist it broke the last straw and I pushed like never before ( not meaning literally if so child birth is the biggest push lol) Anyway he came back and said ok he would give it a real try so we started to look around for potential seconds since my family would always be first in my life. He connected with a girlfriend of mine and they started to date and I started to date her husband both are poly and it was great. Only one thing was wrong it was the guy , I was still madly in love with my husbands best friend D and we started to talk again then I asked him to come back and nothing happened then my husband asked him and now he's back.

I was sleeping because my daughter was taking a nap. My husband came in and said he was leaving to go pick up D I was to say the least shocked and thrilled. Though it was a long day of waiting and more waiting I loved them so much. It's been a week since he's come home and in that week we have worked out our co parenting and closing the triad till its stronger.

I am so in love with my husband S and my primary partner D and he agrees with it and our kids are happy and tomorrow is gonna be alitle bit of a vacation for the three of us.

I will move this over to life stories and blogs to continue but what I wanted to ask how many other triads are out there


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That's wonderful news! You're very lucky - I don't think either of my partners will ever see eye to eye, and so I'm happy that things have worked out for you like that. :)


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Just an fyi, if your husband and D are having sex, then it's a triad. If they're each only having sex with you, it's a vee. There's a glossary around here somewhere.

Congrats on your new bundle of joy, and your happy whatever you are! :)

I say I'm in a vee that is a sort of an emotional triad. My boys love each other a lot, but they're not going to sexual anytime soon. We also have this us-that-is-three, in addition to our clear dyads.
November Rain thanks we have what you have I guess, we all love each other and each one of us in a relationship, though the only time we are all sexual is durning a threesome.

starting a blog as well!