I'm not new to the site, but I've been gone


New member
A lot has changed about my life and my relationships, so I figured I'd start back at square one. Just letting people know I'm still around, sort of.

I'm currently single, and not really looking per se.
Hi Pink,

Welcome back, I'm actually a relatively new member here, having registered earlier this year.

Your status is intriguing; single-and-not-looking isn't something we hear every day. :) Sounds like you've been on quite a journey. I'm glad you're still with us.

Kevin T.
I'm open to a relationship...or two/three. etc lol.

I just am more interested in some than others.

I'm a bit under the weather at the moment, so I'm not up to typing long posts with more of an explanation than that yet.
Not a problem. Hope you get feeling better soon.