⚠️ Important note on spam ⚠️


Stealth Mod
For the last month or two, we've been getting a lot of spam with subject lines indicating that it may contain images of child abuse. Recently, a few of them have made it through the spam filters and onto the board in an unmoderated state.

While we sweep for spam as often as we can, there is a chance that you may see the title of one of these threads and want to report it. If so, please ignore our usual advice to open the thread and use the Report Post button (
), and send me a PM instead so it can be deleted unread. I haven't opened any of these threads myself, so it's possible their content is entirely benign, however if it's not, that's not an image you want either in your head or in your browser history.
I'm really glad you posted this Emm.

FYI, the spam might also reference sex with animals. Handle as Emm described above.
Wow. Thanks for the warning.
For peace of mind I clicked on one of the sex with animals links and the page had nothing to do with sex or animals. Not sure why someone would pick that as a good clickbait title, but there you have it. Hopefully they are all like that.
And now you are on some interesting lists, vinsanity0!

(Kidding... mostly.)

They may not have been actual horrible stuff but I wonder if these types of titles are ways to pass along viruses.
Report: user "StewartElusy" sent me some advertising and a link (purely commercial, unrelated to polyamory) in a private message from out of the blue. Don't know this person. Sure it's spam.
There should be a Report button
at the top right of the PM. That will give the mod team a link to both the spam and the spammer so we can find the right account and see what they're sending.
Okay, I did that. (Oddly, it was invisible to me the first time I looked for it. Must have been too obvious!):p