In my first "throuple" and loving it :D


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Hi all! Firstly, this forum is so cool! What an amazing resource to help people negotiate less-chartered waters...though perhaps more chartered than I'd imagined;)

I've been with my husband for 10 years, married for 4 and open for 8. Recently, a 3some turned into more and we've found ourselves in love and working towards building a triad with another man. We're still in the "NRE" stage, but all share a strong vision for the future of this family. And that's what it feels like; a family. I certainly never felt something was missing in my marriage and am truly proud of what the 2 of us have created, but now it just feels like something more, something greater. My only concerns are family acceptance (haven't crossed that bridge yet) and a slight discomfort with our 3rd's age (he's 24 and we're 30 and 31). But otherwise, we're all on the same page and communicating beautifully. I think 8 years of our open relationship have allowed us to sort out many of the issues which would likely be new to a first-time poly couple. And as for our 3rd, I imagine he's going to have quite the learning curve, having lived a rather conventional, almost conservative lifestyle thus far (another slight concern). But he's surprisingly excited, optimistic, and fearless about it thus far!

Wanted to say HI while I'm still on my "honeymoon"...stand-by for future melt-downs;) Lol.


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Welcome, hello and congratulations :).

I love the word throuple, lol.


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Hello Matthew - and thanks for sharing with us.

Hopefully no melt-downs :) It sounds like you are approaching things in a sane, considerate manner.

And I think maturity and wisdom develop at unique paces with individuals based on their own background and life experiences. So my vote - 'assume' nothing' :)
Every day is a learning experience for all of us if we allow (and embrace) it.



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Hi and welcome. These people are an amazing bunch good for you for finding it before any meltdowns! It may prevent them from learning from other's meltdowns. May I suggest as well. Its got great articles! Oh and FYI, I'm totally stealing Throuple! hehe