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Hello everyone!
I'm a 27 year old heterosexual poly single living near Mumbai.
Does anybody know any polyamorous support groups(no swingers' clubs please) or any poly friendly counselors in Mumbai?
Want to meet like minded poly people.
geek67 Are you into a polyamorous relationship?Where are you from?

Contact Mr. Kishor Meswani of the erstwhile Bombayite magazine.

Be aware though that most of the single ladies expect payment, even though they aren't professionals.


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wow, its feeling great to see other polyamory in india wow I love u all hey m in guj. soon be in mumbai so if u wanna contact me please contact


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Hey m in gujarat seeking partner women or couple.. If u r interested contact me..... Hey u guys y dont u come to guj. Soon there will runn utsav


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Hi folks,

I am a 27 year old guy from kerala. I was in a poly relationship with an older couple for some time and i have to say it is the best experience in my life. But unfortunately they moved to another city.. so i am looking for other people..wish me luck :)


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From Calcutta


I am located in Kolkata. Recently heard about Poly in a TV show and interested on this. I think this is good and can build a healthy relation/

Nice to meet others from India. Would like to connect and know your experiences.


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Is anybody home?

Hey, wow this forum is dead.

We're a couple based in Bombay, looking to ease our way into the lifestyle. Maybe start with a threesome, and then see how we manage.

Anyone in Bombay actively polyamorous?


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Hi Urmla ji, could I be your poly friend. We live in europe but visit
India regularly. Yous can visit us as well. Poly been arround here for years.
first time I have come across my country folks as poly.


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Hell0- I'm new here

Hello ppl -Good day

I'm new here , but been to other Polyamory pages .
Glad to see a Indian Page and I'm looking to find suitable connection from a Pro Polyamory female willing for Marriage .