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Am from India. Not looking for anyone to join a relationship, however knowing each other and potentially networking may be cool.

Thank you for your response !
As a Single ,I'm not Committed and that's almost a polyamory life(not technically but OPEN) -However Polyamory is a Lifestyle within a relationship.Not being single and being Open (in a way all singles are open)

Just wanna let you know what I mean by Polyamory !!


Wonderful to hear this

Hi folks,

I am a 27 year old guy from kerala. I was in a poly relationship with an older couple for some time and i have to say it is the best experience in my life. But unfortunately they moved to another city.. so i am looking for other people..wish me luck :)



actually not, or at least not in this incarnation.
since ten years or so it happens quite often that i know someone, this someone meets my two european brother+sister (who live 6 months in europe, 6 months in india, they spend a lot of time in kolkata), and so that someone leaves for at least 2 months in india :rolleyes: well, i'm a sort of "bridge", it's quite funny, don't you find?!!

until some years ago i was very much in indian-everything-stuff: i think that (spiritual) teachings jumping out from there have always been crucial for western formation under many sides (numbers, sciences, theology, etc) and maybe it has been in few passages reciprocal, i don't know.
indian spirit, has been my first trip through polytheism (even if...), but most of all, it taught me to Sing and Chant, and everything has been necessary for me to get "here" as i am now.
now i'm deepening more and more my spiritual life within my sorrounding life: my origins (north of europe) and what is Moment by moment; there i really live my self ;) and this includes polyloving :)

one of my travel-dream is a particular corner of china :) who knows, one day?![/QUOT

Wonderful thought of spirituality and limitless love. I am from Nepal....


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Hi all,

This is Amit. I was reading some articles by Osho and that led me to think about open relationships. The more I think about this, the more I believe this would be a more natural thing for me.

Look forward to meet wonderful people here! :)


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newbie not very fluent in english. :(

Hello ppl, I am Shravan from Jaipur India, at present stationed at Kolkata.
Have gone through this thread titeled India.
Am yet to fully understand the concept of Polyamory. However a few posts are there in this thread asking for 'discreet relationship' that is creating some confusion. Having a discreet relationship outside marriage or a hidden relationship does not seem to be gelling with the concept of Polyamory as much as I have understood.
I am married, 38 male. Have a son and a daughter.


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Hello ccmb, you are right, poly does not involve conducting affairs in secret.


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I am an indian housewife. husbands wants us to enter into a polymorous relation with another couple related to us. hadnot heard about poly before that. He has provided me with links to explore and understand before giving my opinion

if ur husband is asking to met up with just couple then i would rather say it not his desire to be polyamorous he just not more interested in fucking u. i would try to kindly draw ur attention to this a relationship any it be monogamous or polyamous if any one parter looses the interest then. is high time rebuild it


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thanks neegoola
even though i was little taken aback when he suggested it. But after thinking a lot about it and reading some of the material on polymory, i am quite willing to try it, even though i have not said yes to him until now, since i feel there is a lot to be discussed between ourselves before we can broach it with the other couple

urmila it was nice move by u. i would fairly just say if he turely want to try thenu first make a through study of this relationships. the tell u have made few selection of guy not couple. hopefully when u made the study ur self must have understood. let his study them make meetups. as either that person is gonna join ur to like under an agreement or u both shall move to him to live togather under agreement. the terms of ur bonding relation feeling should be very smooth. then u make some agreement and the last step is living committed life


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Me n my partner feel we are non monogamous since the beginning...
Wud love to meet like minded people in Kolkata.;)

ot was nice to know that ua nd ur partner feel so but have ever tried to talk with ur partner about this what is ur partners wants desire have understood it. even it can such that u have got married due to family peer pressure but have some different for each other. it high time to speakup. and if truely u both are as polyamorous then start the most difficult part as u are in india learn to ignore ppl saying and let each respect ur each ones feeling


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wow! such a breath of fresh air to see other poly peeps on here. Been practicing for a few months now... has its own ebb and flow which is different from how one classically perceives relationships and incredibly fulfilling on multiple levels. I'm very happily married and have a boyfriend who is also married. My husband is open to dating yet in no hurry. We are taking each day as it comes as always and customizing things based on what works for the 3 of us at every point. Would love to connect with other people/couples practicing poly
to bounce things off of... maybe exchange experiences and help each other live fuller lives in a society that's in no hurry to process this request.

have seen ur post plx reply me would like to start a relationship. if serious reply


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Hey, wow this forum is dead.

We're a couple based in Bombay, looking to ease our way into the lifestyle. Maybe start with a threesome, and then see how we manage.

Anyone in Bombay actively polyamorous?

plz would like to make a move withu ppl am also from mumbai it self and an seriously looking out for s good serious relationship. and with no baggage attached


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Cannon Introduction

I am Canmon and I am living in Chennai, India.

I am currently single, and I am looking to have an open marriage with an indian girl, preferably from Chennai.

I am straight, and I love the concept of non monogamy as it is very natural. I don't believe in restricting myself or my partner in any way. I believe in having a partner who is equally flexible when it comes to marriage.
Lucky guy from my place having best chance which I have missed in my life.