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Hi everyone.

After having a little look about, and finding the atmosphere safely supportive, I decided to register here.

About me: I'm 24 years old, pan sexual, female and pretty sure I'm poly amorous also. I'm in a long-distance, committed, monogamous, heterosexual relationship which started in Feb 09, so almost 9 months ago now.

I've never actually been in a poly relationship before. I had a local relationship of almost 6 years during which (while our relationship was still relatively strong) I fell for someone else. I told my boyfriend at the time and he agreed that he would be comfortable for me to ask the woman I fell for to be my girlfriend. I ended up confessing my feelings to her, not expecting anything in return, and she considered it but her boyfriend was concerned about losing her to me so opted that they stay exclusive. So I've experienced the falling part but not the actual execution of a relationship more than fond friendship. I've never actually had a female sexual partner - nothing further than kissing. I've never felt any sexuality confusion (in terms of which gender I am attracted to).

Why am I here...I guess I wanted an unobtrusive way to explore this side of my personality/preference/whatever you qualify this as. My current relationship cannot be anything other than exclusively monogamous between myself and my partner at this moment in time. I actually don't feel ready to let another person into my life in that way - I'd want more stability, length and locality before doing that anyway - but I do feel strongly about polyamory. I want to figure out why that is.

I have 3 friends who are in a sort of Vee relationship, though it's not as happy as it once was, and I'm not really sure what fruits might be bore from talking to one of them about their experience. I mean I have before, just not so much in terms of myself.

When I suggested three-way sex with another woman to my boyfriend; he has said that he would, most likely, be open to that. I don't think he would be comfortable with me having a second partner, even if he were the primary, as he has issues with possessiveness. But that's a long way down the track, anyway.

The idea of a 3 parent household is so amazing to me. Maybe it was because I had so many parents growing up and none of them were really available to me - physically, emotionally or otherwise.

Thanks for reading all that, if you get this far. Also, thanks to those who run and support this place. It's good to have somewhere to go.


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Just thought I'd say hi

I was surprised to see you in the forum, another poly kiwi wow! and virtually in the same city double wow...well just up the coast a bit.

Hope you're managing to sort stuff:)