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Hi, I’m happy to have found this forum and am looking forward to connecting. I started reading polysecure last week and found it really interesting. I can see some huge personal benefits to being polyamorous. I had actually never heard of it before... at all... so it’s been a huge week of learning for me.
Anyways I was excited to share this new learning with my partner because a lot of things really made me think of him actually. Turns out it’s not really a new learning for him at all. He has had CNM relationships in the past and would identify as Solo Poly.
I guess maybe I feel shocked because I didn’t know that part of him. We have been together almost 4 years now. It really makes sense though when I think about our relationship. He’s been reluctant to put his name on my house that I bought and he likes to have his own space which I am fine with. I’m open to the idea of polyamory but at the same time I’m not sure about the solo aspect and I guess I was wondering if anyone could connect with me to help me get a better understanding? He also isn’t ready to talk to his friends or family so I don’t want to talk to my friends just yet.


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As far as understanding the solo part, I’d recommend reading Off the Relationship Escalator or the website by the same author.
And welcome!


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Greetings Htv2021,
Welcome to our forum. Please feel free to lurk, browse, etc.
Here's a few of the threads we have on solo poly:
This may help you to better know your partner.
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There's a *lot* of good info in Golden Nuggets. Have a look!

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Hello Htv2021 and thanks for posting your very interesting story. I wonder how much we are all contained by narrative. It's so nice to hear people realising they are different and coming out, when it's safe to do do. Each one of these posts is a wonderful gift to the rest of us.

Warm encouragement in your journey.