Ireland's Polyamory Community

Hi everyone,

Did you know that Ireland had a wonderful polyamory community? It's true! We have regular meetings and occasional socials (movies, picnics, hikes, etc).

Anyone in Ireland - whether visiting or resident - is very welcome to attend. We love new visitors, always a rich experience. Our online home is here:

Please feel free to join up and participate on the discussion boards even if you'll never make it to a meeting.

Peace & Love,

- Randy


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And what about Galway?

I went to the link you posted and subscribed my-self to this group which appearently meets up in Dublin. I am curious whether there are more groups meeting up somewhere else in Ireland ..for example in Galway where I live....I would love to meet people but with the crisis and all it seems a bit expensive and time consuming anyways to have to travel to Dublin any time I would like to meet up or go to any event organized by a poliamor group. Any information would be appreciated. Or maybe some ideas like creating a new group closer to home. Thanks :)
Hi Iman,

I'm not aware of any other poly groups in the country. I know Dublin meetings are not ideal for some people. However, we do sometimes have people who travel from Cork, Galway and the North to be at the meetings.

For those who can't make the meetings, the discussion boards are a great way to keep in touch with others.

If you think there's enough interest, you could always start some meetings near where you are. That could be great. Who knows?

Well, you're signed up anyway and will be notified of new events when they come up. Hope to see you soon!


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Thanks for your reply. Well I am up for a meeting of people living in Co. Galway or sorrounding counties. If are there more people interested please reply to this thread and we could organize some meeting or event. Thanks folks.