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Hello again!

A couple things have changed slightly with who/what I am looking for and I thought I would re-post in case anyone might be interested.

I'm here looking for a girlfriend, but it's a little more complicated than that.

I am a 25 year old female, with white skin(white/American Indian ethnicity), blue eyes, brown/auburnish hair. I'm five feet, seven inches tall. I weigh somewhere in the realm of two hundred eighty pounds, give or take; I don't know for sure. Yes, I am a plus size woman. I am overweight, I know this. I am working toward a healthier weight, though skinny is not the goal.

I am pansexual, which means that I do not care what sort of reproductive organs a person has or doesn't have. I don't care what gender a person does or does not identify as, if they do at all. I am polyfriendly, though at the moment it is just ME looking for a girlfriend. So yes, I DO have a boyfriend. I live with him, and we are happy together. He is aware that I am searching for a girlfriend and has not only given me the ok to do so, but his approval and blessing to do so. I wouldn't ever cheat on a partner, and if he didn't want me to do something like this, I would not. I care about him too much to hurt him.

I am open to being in a relationship with someone who is already in a relationship as long as their significant other was aware of and supportive of the initial person having a secondary relationship. As I said, I am polyfriendly and ok with polymourous people(obviously since I am here. I consider myself poly, but haven't had any poly relationships so far).

I have always been more attracted to the beauty and physical appearance of women. Until recently, I have not been in a living situation in which it was safe to pursue a woman, despite how attracted to her I may have been. I have even fallen in love with a couple women, though each time I was rejected. I am happier having tried and failed than never trying at all. When I say I want to be with a woman, I mean as a friend, a companion, someone I can be intimate with romantically(though not necessarily sexually).

I believe that you love who you love, regardless of what other people think you're "supposed" to do.

I'm a into some kinky things and some BDSM things, but I'm still very new to all of that and though I like it, a partner who does not isn't a deal breaker. Just know that I have quite a few very hard limits and will not test them ever.

I'm nerdy,a self-proclaimed geek(and proud). I like playing video games. We have a a Wii and my games are Animal Crossing, Trauma Team, and Mario Party 8. I like playing RPGs, tabletop or video games. I love D&D, Vampire: The Masquerade, and anything based in World of Darkness. I have three sets of pink gaming dice and intend to collect more. I also like playing World of Warcraft. I only hang out on RP servers on WoW, so if you'd like to RP with me email me and we can roll together some time. I am currently taking a month or so break from that game, but I'll be back. I am also working on City of Heroes: Going Rogue.

I'm also pretty sensitive and very empathic. I am very in touch with my emotional self. Logical things, like algebra, can be hard for me.

I adore animals. Dogs are one of my favorites, but I also like cats, rabbits, mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, skinks, cornsnakes, tarantulas, lots of tropical fishes, goldfish, iguanas, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, birds...the list could go on forever. I currently have an albino gerbil named Alice, a black one called Arturo,a rat terrier/corgi named Pookie, and a Saint Bernard called Henry.

In short, I am weird and I like it. I am a bit complicated, but that's ok it's under control. I love pets, RPGs, and good company.

I am looking for a woman between 21 and 28 years old, Asian, white, human...tentacle monster or robots aren't automatically excluded, MUST NOT SMOKE, must not do any kind of recreational drugs EVER, no STDs (not that I intend to jump right into bed with anyone, but...if you're wondering, you and I will both be tested before that will ever happen), preferably no children as I do not particularly care for small children(nothing against people who have them, it's just me), and please live within an hour of me. I cannot drive, so if we're to get together you would have to come to me(though chatting online for now would be ok).

**I do hate to have to put this, BUT...I AM NOT interested in cismen at all. **

Basically, I am looking for more love. Another meaningful relationship, another intimate friend. A kindred spirit, a fellow writer/artist, story teller. I want someone who loves being in love; someone who also strongly feels that while sex is fun, it isn't the most important part of a relationship. If you'd like to talk with me a little more, please email me. I check frequently all day.

I think this'll be it for now. If there's something you'd personally like to know that I didn't cover, feel free to ask. I do apologize for the length. Have a good day. ^___^
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