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How do you get over this?

He's out of town there out of town I can't help but feel left out. They went out last night and partied down & had a great time sure none of them banged cause I'm the ring leader:). While I'm at home being Mom.
Am I straight up feeling sorry for myself or what?

How do you all deal with this, I find it the hardest part.....

I kinda think smile might have been playing get back for us having a good time without him? Men don't think like that do they?

Neo got the worst of it, cause I was up all night thinking about it, I lashed out and told him I'm not his door mat, come home to girl. Yeah I told him I have trust issues but why wouldn't I? Isn't that natural? Sort of told him that I will be in another city when he gets home see how he likes not knowing what I'm doing and I'm gonna live it up too...

Geez what happen?:eek:

Like Wiki's def.:)

1st line refers to the green eyed monster funny how green is considered the horny color:) Is that what we all have in our pants? Haaaa!!!!!

Romantic jealousy – Romantic jealousy can be experienced in long-term or short-term relationships. One partner can feel the emotion of jealousy arise if the other partner is paying more attention or time with someone else. To lose services from one partner and have their attention directed towards someone else does not have to be in a romantic way. One partner could be spending more time with a friend that no romantic feelings could ever develop.

Platonic jealousy – Platonic jealousy is a form of jealousy that is seen in friendships. Platonic jealousy is similar to romantic jealousy in the way that this type of relationship can lead to jealousy in result of fear of being replaced, having competition or being compared to a third party. For example, the intense emotion of jealousy can arise if two friends that are females decide that they like the same man and both want to possibly start a romantic relationship with him. Comparison and competition will more often than not lead to the two females experiencing the emotion of jealousy.


If this is just a general rant about how hard it is to be jealous, I'm going to merge it with the "Jealousy" thread. If it is intended to be a thread asking for specific advice about the trust issues in your relationship, it can remain as its own thread, but the title should be changed to something more descriptive.


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Jealousy sucks and is hard to deal with. I have a hard time with it everytime my SO leaves the area for a dance event that I know her other guy will be at. I hate it, if I text her and she doesn't respond logically I should think she is dancing or sleeping which is almost always the case, but sadly I don't I assume the worse. I have my freak outs and I sit there and remind myself that she is mine, we are working to build our life together, just setting the ground work right now it has only been a few months. It is just really rough, I know but you can get through it. It won't kill you. Talk to you partner, tell them what your fears are. Jealousy is rooted in fear. Mine was fear of being left or replaced. I know that isn't true. What does your jealousy root from?


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Jealousy sucks and is hard to deal with. I have a hard time with it . . . I remind myself that she is mine . . .
Consider that perhaps this idea of her being yours, of belonging to you, is exactly the thing that stirs up the jealousy, even though you are finding it some sort of comfort to think of your relationship this way. Usually when I see people here struggling with jealousy, it has to do with a sense of ownership or possessiveness over someone. The more you can try to turn that way of thinking around into something more like, "I want the person I love to be happy and free," I think the less jealousy you will feel and an easier time you will have moving toward compersion.


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The Root

Thanks :) to you both sorry about the late follow-up.. I'm trying to work through him hiding little things,texts,calls, meeting for coffee. Making out the night of the event, pictures of you with a group over at her house before the event, Ohh I didn't mention that? Sorry... Geezz that pisses me off. I don't care just be honest it seems way more shady from the you got caught end..

Where its so different when he straight out tells me that the day they went to get beer she gave him head ;) some reason it makes me smile.

Strange maybe:rolleyes:


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I don't know the specifics of your situation, but maybe he's unclear on how much information is too much. For him to tell you about a blow job is pretty obvious, but if you need to know some of the other smaller details you mentioned (ie: texts, calls) then he may not see it as important. I don't share that much information with my husband about texts, calls, emails.. he doesn't want to know either.

Nycindie, I love your nuggets of wisdom!!