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We are, in away, on a new path to polyamory. At least Kris and Dale, they have spent most of their lives in either monogamous relationship or single. I on the other hand has a much different journey. I was experimenting with sleeping with both sexes by the time i was and proudly proclaimed my self to be bisexual, as soon as I ( a small town child of the 70's ) found out what it meant.

My first marriage ( at 16) we attempted several poly (again I didn't know that name)relationships with other bi women. I truly loved the closeness of having a secondary partner. I quickly learned though that all my husband heard when I said I was bisexual was, "that means i can sleep with your friends."

After several very self centered relationships for my husband, we started one with Meg. Meg and I had been friends for awhile and had children about the same age. I fell deeply in love, but my husbands furthering demands drove her way.

I divorced that husband and went to be very sexually confused in my life until I really started working on it when I hit fifty.
2 years later my husband was leaving ( at my request) and I was moving on with and old relationship become new. My world seemed happy and although I knew i wanted a poly. I was afraid to suggest such a thing.
Then my husband came up to get some things, and my boyfriend helped him out with the things. Both men were surprised how cordial the other was, and actually hit it off. Many other things happened, quickly and i can not put them in order any ore. I made my amends to my husband in my sanctuary and cleared up old business with us. He gave me forgiveness, We gave him back some things i said i world not. We started spending more and more time together. All non sexual. We helped each other with yard work, My husband helped with many things for my 92 year old father. We talked and talked and talked. We played board game and cards, watched TV and laughed until we wanted to cry. we shared out stories. I watched the men become best friends.
Slowly i knew i was in love with these men, but that my boyfriend would always be my primarily. Finally my boyfriend introduced the idea of binding ourselves together for life. We all agreed, even my husband , who at that point he wold have been committing to a life of celibacy.
That started more talking and slowly, with a lot of learning the styles of the others communication, we are allowing more sexual freedom between me and my guys (though it is separate). In June we have a hand fasting and pledge our commitment to one another for life.
After that ceremony, it will open it up for me to have sex with both men. Our solution to this is to have three bedrooms, K's. D's and mine. My primary D has also asked if I come to his room for sex. i also spend the night but not so with K. We are all agreed.
We are not out except to a few choice people. More will come though. The hardest part of it for me though has been not having other poly's to talk to.
Also we are closed poly at everyone's choice.
Tonight K leaves. He was in Ireland and England now he is home, looking for work and helping to care for his mother. It will be a hard day for all of us, for it is like a piece will be missing. However he will return tje 8th so we can celebrate his birthday together.


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Great to see how you guys are coming together:)


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Thanks Bubbles

Thanks for the support and for reminding me that I need to update this story/diary. I am excited to meet you.