Kansas City meeting


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Got this message not long ago. Figured it fit on this board.

"I have decided to start a regular munch (i.e. get together with food)
for KC poly folk. The details:

"Time: 12:00 PM
Place: McCoy's Public House, 4057 Pennsylvania Kansas City, MO 64111
Date: The second Sunday of every month, starting January 11.

"Who should come? Anyone who is interested in learning more about
polyamory, talking about polyamory, or meeting other polyamorous folk."
I think so. I've not been to one, though a couple of friends have.
I have no idea. I'd simply ask a worker bee where the poly folks are sitting.
I may show up next Sunday to see what it's like.
Nope. Spaced it off.
Kansas City is about 4 hours away, but I will keep this in mind if we ever are in the area! My fiance owes me a trip to the Nelson-Adkins anyway...

I'd be interested to hear about how it goes for anyone able to make it.