Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

4:27 p.m., Friday the 22nd

So yesterday, Snowbunny said (approx.), "You seem a little bit off today. Is it something I said?" to which I said (approx.), "I'm upset because I messed up on giving cheese to the cats yesterday," to which she said (approx.), "Sorry -- I can't handle crinkly bags," to which I said (approx.), "Well it's also that I got out dishes for them." She didn't have anything to say about that. But after that I guess I started to feel a little better, perhaps just for having given voice to the problem. And because giving it that voice didn't turn it into something worse.

For dinner last night, we had catfish and two veggies. A bit later, Brother-Husband and I watched the 2015 TV film, "An Inspector Calls."

For dinner tonight, we'll have the ribs that are in the crock pot. At this moment, BH and SB are out getting some stuff at Lowe's. This concludes my riport.
I need to use my crockpot more. There's something so comforting about walking in the door after work and basically dinner is already done.
12:10 p.m., Saturday the 23rd

Yes, and nothing tenderizes meat like a crock pot ... and nothing flavorizes meat like a crock pot. Last night's dinner was a good example of that.

After dinner, BH and I watched Better Call Saul S4E1. SB bootlegged it for us. Today, FNG will come over, and we will have an outdoor cookout. Maintaining a six-foot distance, I would assume.
1:16 p.m., Sunday the 24th

So actually we walked over to FNG's house, and had our cookout there. It's just across the street. Another friend of FNG was there; said friend shared Fireball shots with me. Yummy! :D We had an enjoyable time, but I have to admit, I had too much to drink. After the get-together, after we went back home, I barfed. A couple of times. And today I feel kind of bleah, emotionally. We didn't watch anything last night, I don't know whether we will tonight. This completes my riport, I suppose.
12:34 p.m., Monday the 25th

The cleaning lady was scheduled to come over today, but then I guess she left her keys in her husband's car and now she can't get a hold of him. :( So I guess she will come over tomorrow.

For dinner last night we had takeout from a local Mexican place, Puerto Vallarta. After dinner, BH and I watched S4E2 of Better Call Saul. This concludes my riport.
11:59 a.m., Tuesday the 26th

The cleaning lady (actually there are two cleaning ladies today -- and they both have the same first name) is over here right now. Last night we had corn and veggie dogs for dinner. After dinner, BH decided to watch S4E3, even though it was a work night. After that, I went to bed and had some nightmares. :( This concludes my riport.
5:44 p.m., Wednesday the 27th

Last night dinner was veggie burgers, tater tots, and cucumber salad. We didn't watch anything, but SB and I took Eddie out for a walk. I don't really have anything to tell you about today, it has been uneventful. Other than the forum being busier than usual! :)
5:47 p.m., Thursday the 28th

Dinner last night was microwaved burritos (with toppings). It was kind of late when we ate (like approaching 8:00 p.m.), so we did not watch anything. Today, there's something in the crock pot, I'm thinking it's a roast. Don't know when we'll eat it. We probably won't watch anything. Outdoor temps today have been crazy high, it's 84° right now, tomorrow's supposed to get up to 81°. Then the bottom will drop out, and we'll have two days of 65° and rain.
3:39 p.m., Friday the 29th

Rainee threw up a whole bunch of times this morning, like ten times (two vomits per time). SB is taking her to the vet right now. They will try some things, and give her a shot for nausea. They need to figure out if her stomach can stand the medicine she's been taking. SB has even raised that dreaded word, euthanasia. :( It would be a heavy blow for me if we had to go that route. Rainee is by far my favorite pet. Obviously it would suck for Rainee too, if she had a choice I think she would want to live. But what can we do, if she continues to vomit and waste away? We don't dare feed her any food today, and she doesn't even seem to want to eat, which for her is just, unheard-of. I don't suppose I could get lucky and this could just be some sort of a bug.

Dinner was late again yesterday, and we did not watch anything.
Kevin, I am so sorry. We have cats and dogx, but I'm more of a cat person. We have one cat who hasn't been doing well for some time; fine some days, others not so much. That's the sad thing about pets, we usually outlive them and have to say goodbye.
12:58 p.m., Saturday the 30th

And as awful as it is to lose a pet, it would definitely be worse if the pet lost me. I would never want to never again be there for Rainee. Still, I was hoping for more years with her. She is ten years old today.

Since yesterday morning, Rainee has not thrown up anymore, so that is a hopeful sign. The vet said maybe she swallowed a plastic object which then got stuck in her digestive tract. Technically possible I guess, but if you know Rainee like I do, she is an extremely careful cat.
1:56 p.m., Sunday the 31st

Rainee seemed to be doing better yesterday, which was a relief at the time, but now something new is amiss with her. She's not eating so far today, which, for Rainee to not eat is just unheard-of. For awhile she was hiding in the back room. She's come back to my room now, and is sitting close to me, but there are still signs that something is wrong. Her breathing seems to be labored, and she is shaking. I don't know what to do, I hope it's something temporary, but Snowbunny says she has a bad feeling about this. :(
I hope she will be okay! Couldn’t they do a scan and see if they could find a blockage? When my daughter’s cat was having issues, we were able to see that he swallowed a hair tie.
2:44 p.m., Monday the 1st

Thank you for the sympathies everyone. Right now we're thinking that the hyperthyroidism medicine is having bad side effects on Rainee. She needs the hyperthyroidism medicine, so we are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. Right now Snowbunny is attempting to reduce the dosage by half. Even so, Rainee threw up today at around noon. And then a little bit later, she had a coughing fit. That aside, she seems to be doing somewhat better. She's not shaking like she was yesterday. Her breathing still seems to be a little heavy though. She did eat a couple of treats about an hour ago, so at least she has her appetite.
1:06 p.m., Tuesday the 2nd

She's not vomiting as often as she was in my May 29 entry, but she's still vomiting like, multiple times per day. This is doubly concerning because it means she's not getting the nourishment she needs, if she can't keep anything down. The automatic feeders went off as usual last night, and I think she was able to keep that down. But she needs to be able to keep her medicine down too. Her breathing still seems to be somewhat heavy, but at least she's not shaking. For now I guess we are just trying to ride this out with her, hoping things get better. She's sitting super close to me right now, that seems to be a comfort to her.
She could get dehydrated very quickly if she’s vomiting a lot! I hope you’re able to figure out why this is happening. :(
She's actually always been a puker, it's just that she's puking more than usual right now. Hopefully she'll drink more than usual to help make up for it. Her water dish is within easy reach.

I forgot to mention, she's also had a few coughing fits over the last oh, 24 hours. Not sure how that figures into the rest of it but ...

And as if we weren't struggling enough with all of the above, we just found out today that Brother-Husband is going to lose his job in two weeks. Lowe's is going to outsource their delivery people. So things are going to be lean around here for awhile. :(