Las Vegas poly's looking for friends

Just what it says - we're happy with our relationship, but would like to meet "like minded" people to get to know and expand our social circle. Anyone else in Sin City?


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Myself, Dragonfly, & DragonBorn are together here in Las Vegas. I think it would be good to meet like minded individuals. Would at least give us people to talk to! Drop me a line if interested.
Ah - I'd heard that there was someone left in SoCal who hadn't moved here yet! You must be them. Must be nice having all that space to yourself! :p


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I'm sure nightdragon will respond eventually. Ill try to remind him when I get over there
Still looking for friends, no longer a triad.

just found out from someone on OKC about a PolyVegas group? Anyone here know about this?! If not, why not?!
Time to bump this thread! I see a few more Vegas people active on the boards - post up peeps!

Oh - and we've managed to form a triad again, rapidly becoming an "N" or a triad with an arm or something, lol. Still looking for people to socialize with that "get it" and can hang out without all the weirdness we get from other folks when we all try to go out together.


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I'm nowhere near Vegas, but who couldn't use more friends?


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I go to Vegas occasionally to play poker and marvel at how strange the world and its people are. I am also a field botanist volunteer with US Fish and Wildlife and go to the Searchlight area to study a relatively rare cactus in that area and when I do that, I often stay in Vegas because Searchlight is...depressing. :)It would be interesting to meet some poly people next time.



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I am about 4 hours away in San Diego. We get up to Vegas 3-5 times a year depending on whats going on. The next "planned" venture up there is not until December for the RnR Half Marathon. However, you never can tell when you will get that wild hair with some friends that say "Hey lets go to vegas for the weekend!!"


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I actually live and work in vegas...I've love to make some new friends. pm me and we can exchange info


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Sorry -- deleted to my best ability. I really meant to continue -- SD is not that far from Vegas -- but nevermind.
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