Leaving my partner over her husbands choices

Men do have a harder time finding women to date, but while many/most women can find a guy who wants her for a night, finding a guy who wants her long term, but on equal terms, is just as difficult.
This is perpetuated by many monogamous guys who come to "hunt" too. They say anything to get in bed and leave behind a wreck so someone who is poly now has to deal with past trauma on top of normal courtship of someone else who is open and was lied too. It is part of that poly=easy sex stereotype that I think many mistake as for a cheap meal.

I had an appointment with a couple today who mentioned in depth the disasters they have met before, and I was only responding to a request for a one-off bit of fun. I thought it was odd as typically everyone makes sure you are clear on boundaries and not a killer then moves into fun... but then realized that I am (and please ignore this personal ego-stroke) a professional and normal person as the more I empathized with them the happier they were hearing me gasp in shock and disgust. They literally trusted me enough to vent about the weirdness that people can be, and as she is bi, boy oh boy, did I hear about the women too.

They were so empathetic about the poly/enm scene for guys after I told them one time a woman asked me to breed her as her husband deemed me "appropriate." I bailed out faster than a hydro-phobe in a sinking ship on that one. Figuring that was a pretty shocking story they one-upped me in this awful game of comparison empathy to the point where he runs their account so she doesn't have to deal with the vain attempts by one-off liars and weirdos.

An interesting point she made is that she is more threatened by bizarre women because they can be just as abusive but are not taken as seriously by the police (as all DV is, especially in the LGTBQ and poly communities are we are non traditional). Combine that with single guys who are looking for a lay and I totally got her struggles of looking for normalcy. By chance they are moving so they stopped looking for long-term, but you are absolutely right Mag.
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