Left Cold


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Without warning, she left me last night, the only explanation was that we are “sexually and romantically incompatible”. And I’m broken. As an old-soul 37-year-old with enough heartbreaks to know the story, this has really shaken me.

If I could tell you what light and wonder I saw in her we’d be here for an age. Let me just say that the thought that she loved me changed my world, my thoughts of what love could be. And now it’s gone.

My heart is a leaf, and it clung to the thinnest branch with the might of a newborn child at its mother’s breast. Her departure is a wind that has swept it into the dark night and it is tumbling, free, frozen and dying.

I am poured out, I have nothing left, and I submit. Let my heart break until it is wide open and tender. May I never again treat another with distain, or worse, indifference. May I be water for the thirsty, shade to the sun-beaten, laughter to the sorrowful, a hand to hold for the lost.

May I know love, receive love, give love, become love. The fearless, broken, naked kind of love that has nothing left to lose. May I never again grasp, but hold gently with an open hand. My my voice be softer, my eyes tender, my smile more warm. Oh God, Oh Universe, Oh Love, let me give, and let my giving be received. May this love be received. May it be so.


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I wish for you that you will find beauty and truth embodied again.


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May it be so.


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I hope you find balm for your broken heart, and then become ever stronger.


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Hi thefarstrider,

Sorry to hear about your breakup. I hope you find healing in the months ahead.

Kevin T.