Lists of local poly groups


Tristan Taormino's national/international lists of poly groups:
(Send corrections/changes/additions to sarah at puckerup dot com)

Loving More's national list of local poly groups:
(Send changes/corrections/additions to jvgarcia at lovemore dot com)

Modern Poly's new wiki list/ map of local poly groups:
(Add yours at

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Alan, the ModernPoly Wiki is no more.

tried to register for the NY State site you list above? got a message I'm registered but can't log in at all? anyone else try this?
Updated lists of local poly groups

Here's the most recent info I have on lists of local poly groups:

Modern Poly's new local group registry, with interactive map:
(You can add your own!)

Tristan Taormino's list:
(Send corrections/changes/additions to sarah (AT) puckerup (DOT) com)

Loving More's list:
(Send changes/corrections/additions to jvgarcia (AT) lovemore (DOT) com)

PolyMatchMaker's list:
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Expansive Loving list:
(Requires Yahoo Groups sign-in)

Also, check and Yahoo Groups for nearby meetups or local discussion sites.



I second that one is the best updated one I've seen.

This page is loading in Japanese and when Google translates it, it's about hypertension. Seems spammy and no longer poly. :(

I tried posting this in the "North America" section with no replies, so Ill try it here...

I am moving to the Sacramento area at the end of June.

Can someone please write back to let me know if there are any poly groups or organizations near Sacramento? I have found an inactive meetup group, but so far thats it.

Try googling "Salt Lake City polyamory" -- that's probably your best chance.


Note to anyone visiting this thread: the site no longer exists. There is another site called the Wayback Machine, it saves old web content (like Opening Up).
I love the Wayback Machine. It's one of the internet's unsung heroes. 🥰

Here's the latest version of that page:

Unfortunately, its only entry for Utah is a Yahoo Group... and I don't think Yahoo Groups still exists...?

A quick search for "Utah Polyamory Society" does reveal a Facebook group:

Doesn't look very active, but there you go.
I don't do a lot of social media so.... And everything I have found doesn't look very active but thanks for the suggestion.