Lone Heart in the Lone Star State


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Young man in San Antonio, Texas seeking friends. I don't know any polyamorous individuals here. There's a group that meets on Sundays but I work every Sunday. I managed to go once and it was a good group although small and not anyone I connected with outside of the fact that we were all polyamorous. Even tried OkCupid with the poly-plugin with no local success. All the cool cats are in Austin, and Austin is just weird :p

So in short, I'm looking for any local non-monogamous/polyamorous people who'd like to talk and attempt a friendship cause I'm really all alone in this out here! If you're not local and still wanna chat that's cool too. I DO NOT CARE if you're single, in an existing poly-relationship, straight/bi/gay, m/w/ts... whatever! Only thing is age preference 18-45. So long as we have enough in common to strike up a friendship :)

I'm really just looking for friends and possibly cuddle buddies if there's an attraction. For the most part I'd like to be single and focus on myself for a while (just coming out of a mono relationship, don't want to fwb rebound like last time), yet I'm also a creature that craves physical affection (hence considering cuddle buddies). If we REALLY click though, I'd probably be willing to give an actual relationship a shot :)

About me:
25, straight, demisexual, white, slim, tall, dark, handsome (couldn't resist), INTP, Enneagram: Type 4, hopeless romantic, open book. I love music (all kinds, mostly rock), video games (PC gamer), and cars (so... your typical guy).


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I'm new to this site and would also like striking up some thoughts and conversations. My boyfriend and I have talked about bringing someone into our relationship.