Looking for a companion in CNY


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Hi all!

I'm a young(ish) mother, married for the second time to a wonderful guy. We're both poly & I'm bi, so we've been looking for not only a girl companion, but a local group to join.
Does anyone know any good places for me to look?

@}~ Leigh


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I haven't logged on here in forever and this is the first post I see...is it fate...lol

anyway to answer your plea for a local group to join there are a couple.

Yahoo has a few that are a bit quiet for central new york, there is one for Southern Tier, Rochester, Buffalo & Syracuse....again all very quiet in postings. There is also the Bird Cage www.thebirdcage.org that covers all of the state and very similiar in layout to this forum. They also have socials all over the state and are looking to do more and stay active. I do hope to see you there.