Looking for a (female) partner to explore sexuality


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this post might seem strange, but nonetheless Ill give it a try.

I am looking for a person that would like to explore human sexuality with me. About my motivation: Many years have I been waiting for the romantic love to learn more about sexuality, but after it failed too often (sometimes for reasons due to me, sometimes for reasons due to the partner) I would like to try it here.

Recently I was dealing a lot with sexuality, tantra and controlling orgasms and orgasmic energy, but unfortunately this was mostly theoretical. I want to learn more by doing conscientous love and for that I am eager to meet a person for growing and experiencing love together. Do tantra massages and other tantric practices and reflect on the experience, tell each other what feels good and share energy. All this without the notion of fast and goal-oriented (ejaculation) sex. Dont know if someone here is interested in that, but if you are and you live in eastern Germany (around Leipzig), please send me a pm.
I can easier engage with women, but dont want to be exclusive, so if youre interested in an experiencing connection and you're between ~23-35 I would love to hear from you.

About me: male, 26, reflective and honest, do yoga and meditation.

love and peace,