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Ok, I'll start with a tl:dr to weed a few folks out early on.

I'm looking for someone who is into BDSM ideally, its a side of my personality I choose not to partake of with my wife for various reasons. Ideally someone without and existing dominant partner as I struggle to share that aspect of my life. I've tried kink sites looking for people who are also poly, so to widen the search I am trying a poly site hoping to find someone kinky.

So, with that out of the way.... the full story!

I am never sure what to put in these things. What's too little and will misrepresent who I am, what is too much and will overwhelm any potentially interested people? I apologise for how wordy this is but this is what I felt I needed to tell people.

I am currently un-partnered from a BDSM perspective and am looking for potential play partners or, should they turn up, that one perfect female sub to call my own. Recently I have suffered a few setbacks that have left me reviewing the mistakes I have made and from that I have resolved to not let those same situations come to pass again.

Because of this, my new profile might read a little bit demanding. I have a fairly definite set of traits or aspects that I am looking for in a new partner and some of them I am not willing to compromise on, though others I am. Likewise I understand that I might not be everyone's ideal partner and would not expect them to compromise for me unnecessarily either.

First, in fitting with my job as a safety professional, a warning.

**CAUTION:** Quiet, dominant, English gentleman. May contain humour, sarcasm and puns. Contact with this person brings risk of conversations containing geekery, sci-fi quotes and lol-site references. May be fast approaching grumpy old man phase of life.

I'm a married, poly, Dom / Sadist who is currently without a D/s partner. I'm looking for a female sub, my age(ish) or lower, either for a bit of regular rl fun with someone who is after the same as I am or, better still, that special someone to become deeply involved with. Ideally I am looking for someone within an hour's drive of Sheffield, UK. though I'm willing to stretch that for the right person or the right situation.

In a play partner, I am not looking for anything too committed. Yes, I want to feel I can be friends with them and I want to have some connection to them otherwise I'm not going to be willing to really let go in their presence. But if it's just for fun then I want to keep it that way and have it be enjoyable for both parties without either feeling it's getting too close. If I find that one perfect person I will expect to devote myself to them and do not want to leave a broken heart in my wake that I didn't realise was mine to break.

For someone who is moving towards something more serious however, that's a different story. I want someone I can share a part of my life with, someone to become a lover, not just a friend with benefits. I want someone I can see regularly, not just when we both happen to have a weekend free. Someone I can spend time with being a couple not just meeting up solely for play. I am looking for someone who will become part of my family, who I can make feel special, loved, cared for and as secure in our relationship as it is possible to make them. While they may never be my wife, I want them to grow as close to me as she is and for them to know I feel the same. If I offer them a collar it means more to me than just a symbol of our D/s status. It means i have chosen that person as some I would happily spend the rest of my life with and to whom I am dedicated as much as to any other person in my life.

I'm looking for someone who isn't currently in a relationship with another dominant person. I do not want to have to temper my requests on them to take into account another Dom's needs. I do not want to feel i have to limit myself to please another Dom or to protect their relationship. I've done that before and in the end it helped end a relationship.

In return however, I shall not be asking them to accept me seeing other people. Yes, I have my wife, but whomever I end up with will be my only D/s play partner and I will give them as much of myself as it is practical to give. I offer someone who is willing to try new things within limits (I have low self esteem however, so if public play is your idea of fun I might need some support in that direction). Someone who (I have been told) is supportive beyond most people’s expectations. Someone who understands the problems associated with earlier traumas and the difficulties of working around an existing relationship and someone who is willing to give as much as he gets.

I should point out, in either case, that I do not do one night stands as it takes me a few meets (or a lot of chat) to feel comfortable performing BDSM acts with a new partner and a couple of sessions to feel I can build up to some of the more intense acts. There's no point going straight in full pelt and hurting someone, I prefer to learn a partners reactions and responses rather than have to apologise afterwards for missing something. If you're looking for a quick beating then I am not the man for you.

I am occasionally to be found at several of the Sheffield kink events and am slowly branching out to events in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and maybe Manchester in time. If you see me at an event I'm always happy to talk so feel free to say hello.

Hopefully this has given you a brief insight into who I am.

References available upon request
[No, seriously, I’ve been promised references ]

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