Looking for poly-couple in Austria


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Hi lovely people. Im Maria, a documentary photographer from Denmark, working on a long-term project about polyamory, and alternative relationship shapes. I'll be working in Austria in the next weeks, and am looking for poly couples, or couples in “alternative” constructions, that would allow me to portray you. My work typically are themed around societal norms and lifestyle and environmental issues.

Please write me directly if you might wanna tell me about how you see/live in polyamory, and I can also contextualize my project and myself a bit more than this short snippet.

Thanks a bunch. Best, Maria :) You can write me here, on whatsapp +4522525408, or at [email protected]


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Can you explain why you are looking for poly "couples" only? You don't have to consider yourself coupled to be a polyamorous person. The wording just seems kind of mono-normative.


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Interesting! Thanks for your input. I have and am interviewing both singles and couples, but for this specific part of the project, I am looking to capture the intimacy between people. Hence the wording, thanks for sharing your thoughts