looking for poly lovers - Bristol UK


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Hi, I've been out and about alot in the last two years but it seems difficult to find another lover who doesn't mind that I am already in a relationship, hence I'm hoping that this forum might help!

I'm honest and caring, sexy and love dancing and partying all night.

I'm currently contracting in West London, so I'm looking to find a lover close by to sleep with occasionally as I am feeling lonely. I don't want anyone to get very involved with me as I am not permanently living in London, although I will be often working in West London over the next few years (probably!). Still looking for more permanent relationships in Bristol in the meantime also, I return every weekend to eat, sleep, rave, repeat!

My Summary

I'm looking ONLY for intimacy and love with a few people, male and female, couples or singles, not casual sex. Let me REITERATE: I'm into relationships NOT CASUAL SEX. There are many different kinds of relationships that I consider however, depending on how I feel about someone, age difference, location etc. Some people I would only want to be a 'friend with benefits', others I might want to be my girl/boyfriend.

I ONLY want to meet people who really love dancing and partying all night! If single male you must be OUT as bi. I don't give a fuck about your hypocritical excuses, I came out, it was hassle, shit happens live with it. That goes for couples also but of course you don't have to be bi, I love straight women also!

PM me, lets have some fun!


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Hi, I'm a bit more relaxed since I posted the above, a few too many rants! Anyway drop me a line, I promise I won't bite.