Looking for polyamorous adults for dissertation study; anonymous; only takes 10 minutes


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My name is Coral Pidone and I am a doctoral student at National University. I am conducting an online survey to examine how childhood parental relations predict attachment style and OVERALL relationship satisfaction among polyamorous adults. In order to participate, you must be 18 years or older, you currently reside in the U.S., you can read and understand English to complete online surveys, have access to an electronic to complete online surveys and you practice or currently are in a polyamorous relationship.

The survey is anonymous and has four questionnaires on level of parental involvement during childhood, parental marital status, attachment style and OVERALL relationship satisfaction and is estimated to take up to 10 minutes.

Follow this link if you wish to participate in this voluntary research:

Please give your definition of a “polyamorous adult” more accuratelly, so that I know whether I’m even a relevant participant.

Self-identifies as polyamorous, although they might have never lived it?
Currently has two or more committed relationships?
(What is your definition of committed?)
Is in a committed polyamorous relationship, although they may only have one partner and identify as mono-amorous?
Practices any kind of ethical nonmonogamy, including solo poly, swinging and FWB-type arrangements?

I haven't opened your study yet, but we have several here, most with significant conceptual flaws. It’s a very good idea to have it first “foolproofed,” by asking people on here if they are even able to answer the questions in their arrangement before gathering “sharp” data.
From the OPs post:

- 18 or over
- In the US (so, not you on this basis alone)
- Practice or are currently in a polyamorous relationship (this would strongly suggest a respondent is an arm or a hinge at the time of taking the survey, so not people who "have never lived it"). OP does not mention "committed" so that would open the door for comet relationships.
Thank you for your responses. I am looking for adults who are currently in a poly relationship, or are practicing polyamory. If you are interested in poly, but have never been in a poly relationship, then that would exclude you from the study. Thank you!
Well, okay. I completed your study. Let us know the results, please.
Hello Coral Pidone,

I have completed your study. It took me about 15 minutes. Hopefully my contribution will help.

Kevin T.
Thank you for your responses. I am looking for adults who are currently in or practice polyamory. If you are interested in 'poly' but have never been in a poly relationship then that excludes you from the study. Thank you!
But in the middle of the survey, it says:

Please think about all your relationships (past and present) and respond in terms of how you generally feel in these relationships. If you have never been involved in a romantic relationship, answer in terms of how you think you would feel.

This survey is poorly designed.
Also, it contains some grammar errors. Please have someone check your sentences.

Also, there are no questions that would allow you to double-check whether the person filling in the survey is indeed practicing polyamory.

Also, with 40 respondents, how are you going to make any statistics?

Consider this just a first feedback gathering and check your methodology with your supervisor, for heaven’s sake.