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After reading here for months, I've finally started posting, so figured I'd add an intro as well. Hello, everyone.

stats: F, 40s, straight, married (~20yrs), boyfriend (friendship is old, romantic relationship is 4-5 months old) 2 elementary school kids, working full time outside the home

I'm really amazed by how much the ideas I've read here have reshaped my thinking in the last few months. A year or so ago, this board, and this community, are not something I would have predicted I could be comfortable with. I'd happened across a few mentions of polyamory, and I think my basic reaction was "No way! Not what I want, and no way it could work."

I was going to put in some more detail, but it started getting ridiculously long. Since I've also been thinking of starting in the blog section, I think the rest of the details will (gradually) emerge there.

Thanks to all for the insight I've already gained through reading. There's a lot of impressive stuff here.
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