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I am hoping that someone out there can point us in the right direction. My mates and I are Christian, but very leery of organized faith. My first wife and I are getting legally married in the fall after six years together and want a religious personage to marry us, yet do not want someone from a closed-minded sect (e.g., Catholic) to officiate. If we feel free enough with the minister, we would consider attending services. Can anyone suggest any Christian churches that might be open to marriage in our situation? We have heard some interesting tidbits about the United Methodist Church, but I am leery having had much experience with other Methodist churches in the past. Thank you.


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I believe the Utilitarian church is very open minded. However, they welcome all faiths including atheists.


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I and A were married in a Unitarian Church, by a Unitarian minister who was aware of our poly relationship. (I'm still not happy with being questioned by him about it...and I'm even less happy about whoever decided to inform him we were in a poly relationship...but in all fairness, he DID go through with the ceremony.)


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Best bet is to ask local poly people about which local religious people are most open to poly marriage ceremonies - can vary from place to place.


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NOMB, and no offense intended, but I'm curious: if y'all are leery of organized faith, why do you wanted to have your wedding officiated by a "religious personage"?

As for who to talk to, UU's are a good place to start. Some Methodist clergy might be open to the idea, but many would not. You could also check into the pastors of non-demonination congregrations; they do not bear the same hierarchical burdens as clergy affiliated with specific groups.

I would also consider approaching a Native American shaman, especially one who is of a people who traditionally practiced polyamory. Fidelio and I were married by an NA shaman(ess). Beautiful ceremony it was, blending his NA and my Christian cultural heritages.

If you are located in the Eastern US I would be happy to perfrom your ceremony without any problems about your present relationship, or any questions about it.

KelticIrishDruid (Rev. Dr. Jeffrey B. Wright Ph.D.)