Maryland Man Looking for Friends


I've been here for a while, on and off. I'm still the same person found here:

but I've since moved to NJ and to Maryland for work.

I'm in Columbia MD now, and am looking for friends and more!


It has been called to my attention that some things change in 9 years, and I should probably reflect that... in addition to just showing that I have a history and the ability to not lose a password, lol.

Let's see... I hope that OKC link is dead, but I will still happily provide pictures to anyone interested... the old version of the forum had a way of hosting pictures, but I don't see it anymore, so I'm a little disappointed.

My kids are 10 and 12 now, and we still have two dogs (although not the same two we had 9 years ago). They're both Huskies, named Loki and Dizzy (short for "Disaster" - since wherever Loki goes, Disaster follows). We also recently got two cats - I'm still allergic, but our new house is big enough and we have all hardwood floors, so it seems to be working out.

Speaking of the new house, we just moved to Columbia, MD at the beginning of the year - I had an opportunity for work, and it's been great. I really like it here, I get to come home to a large, wooded lot and pretend I'm in the middle of no where.

I still have a million hobbies, although right now they're focused on fixing up the house - the prior owner had neglected the place and had 23 dogs, so there's a lot to do. I also prefer to DIY as much as I'm able, since no one else cares about the place as much as I do. I've got big dreams for it though.

We *just* started running our game night again - we're requiring people to show proof of vaccination, but we have 8 or so people over on most Fridays to play board games. It's good because we're providing a space where people can be open (we're fully open about our relationship, and supportive of people) and hopefully I'll have the chance to meet people.

The dating opportunities from game night are pretty limited though... My wife and I had been playing a cell-phone game (State of Survival) and I attempted a long-distance relationship with a girl from there and my she has a boyfriend she met there. They're long-distance and seeing each other about once a month. He treats her right, and I am happy for them, although I do find myself working through some jealousy occasionally.

So... that's where I am. What do I want?

Well, I am primarily looking for friends who want to talk regularly. I do not have a ton of friends, and very few of them understand poly or kink in any way. While it isn't required to be in the kink community, it would help not to be terrified of it.

I am still hoping for a long-term girlfriend, long distance is okay (depending on the distance). She would not need to have any sort of relationship with my wife, although I'd prefer they could be friends enough to speak honestly with each other if needed.


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Hey there. Since you're also looking for friends, I wouldn't mind chatting. I am from Maryland but moved to Indiana about two years ago.


I would like that! I'll PM you.