meeting your lover's new lover


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for those that have, at what point did you meet them? or did you already know them before they became lovers with your lover? at what point did you openly talk with them about sharing a lover? how did you feel about meeting them?


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I knew my ex's lover before they became an item. We tried and failed at some kind of triad... She just wasnt into me, and wanted my ex for herself. FF 10 yrs. H and I are separated and he and she are now living together. It wasnt her that broke us up, but it was one factor.

Now, I've been w a poly woman for most of this year. I am going to meet her new bf (they've had 3 dates, 2 of which involved heavy petting and sleeping together) sometime in the next week or 2. She met him on okc. I am eager to meet him. He sounds like a great guy. He's married and she met his husband on the 2nd date.

I won't deny feelings of jealousy, but they were mostly around boundaries we hadnt worked out in advance, bc we couldnt predict what they are.

My gf has met my other longest term lover twice. It went very well. She gets jealous when I have dates, but deals w it in a very sweet and loving fashion.