Motorcycle or sunny vacation?


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My wife has been dating a new boyfriend for about 6 months now. He’s about 10 years younger than my wife who’s in her mid 30s and very adventurous. Super athletic and into travel and extreme sports. She can’t decide to get him a motorcycle (unsafe) vs a vacation to the islands for the two of them.


Any suggestions?
I know things could be a lot worse!

But she’s agonizing over this decision. I keep saying motorcycle cause I would have lots to have one when I was 22. And they could have so much fun riding together.

But she thinks a romantic getaway would be better.

She’s not sure what he would prefer.
Yeah. She has a week or so to decide and keeps going back and forth. She really likes this guys and wants to get something special for him.
Motorcycle. At least he'll have something. A vacation is just a flash in the pan. Here today, gone tomorrow.
Hi threesnocrowd,

I tend to lean toward the vacation to the islands due to the hazards of riding a motorcycle. But I'm not 100% sure my vote is the right vote. Your wife will have to figure that one out for herself.

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Motorcycle ....a) it’s an asset ...b) will / could provide years and years of fun and enjoyment. I own several ... I have one I won in a card game for 20 something yrs’s a smaller bike so my kids took to high school on random days. The point is if he’s got the space he could have it for decades.
Vacation. This is only 6 months along. Save the long term gifts for later.

More importantly, is he ok with receiving expensive gifts like that? Some people struggle with that, even if the giver can easily afford it. (I assume this is true for you all.) There is a definite power umabalance if one partner has much more financial resources than the other. Maybe your wife has already considered this and it’s fine. But if she hasn’t and the gift giving doesn’t go over well, then there are problems
Your comments are exactly what I was looking for. Very good food for thought in favor and against each option. Her boyfriend is a student and so has a limited budget. He’d be very happy with either I think. My wife would be happier with the vacation she tells me but then is it really as much of a gift? These are questions for philosophers.
If she'd be happier with a vacation, and he'd be happy with either, do the vacation. It's bonding, it gives you excitement to explore someplace new. It leaves you with photographs and special memories that last forever.

Motorcycles are dangerous, especially under a 20something.
I don't get the agony part.

I think the reading is between the lines, and I always feel direct communication is the best.

If the message is that the love triangle is going swell, then that's fine and jolly.

So one can "get" that the worst agony this relationship has is deciding how to lay favor upon the young lover.

My worst problem is getting the kids out of earshot. I think they need to play outside...
That feels like an awfully expensive gift for 6 months, doesn't it?

If I had to choose one, I'd pick the vacation, to enhance bonding and intimacy.

But I gave my boyfriend of 5 months a board game for us to play together for Christmas lol.
Thanks for all the helpful advice guys! But she ended up getting him both.

He was thrilled of course.

And she’s happy too.

So I guess it all worked out.

Sometimes I guess not making a decision is a decision itself.

Thank you all!
Glad it worked out.
This sounds like a nice fantasy, but it doesn't quite ring true as real to me.
This sounds like a nice fantasy, but it doesn't quite ring true as real to me.

Agreed. What's the point of this thread? To show off how rich his wife is, buying her bf of 6 months a motorcycle AND a fancy vacation?

Or just to troll...

On 6/14/16 he also asked:

"What's a good and appropriate gift for my wife and her boyfriend on their anniversary? A romantic getaway? A dinner out? Something material?"

Why is this guy always asking about gifts for his wife's bf?
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This is the same wife who recently went on a "sabbatical" vacation with her boyfriend...OP was asking a similar question about whether it was okay for his wife to go...but she was already on the beach "sabbatical" and he was fine with it.

I have a suspicion these posts are just cuckold (or hot wife) fantasies...they don't ring wastes our time when we take them seriously and craft thoughtful responses.