My "happy poly moment"


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My lover 'D' and her girlfriend came to visit me on Friday. We all trecked over to my new friend's, 'R's house (I have no idea what to call him). 'D' and 'R' got along well and it tickled me pink! At one point, we all went down to see some renos he had done over the summer. She and I were holding hands and then he took my other hand. Woah. Happy poly moment there!!

So, here I am in a room geeking out over building materials with my somewhat effeminate gay "boyfriend"?? and my butch lesbian lover. LMAO!!!

What a trip.
See! :D That's what I was coming here to hear about! :D

I love the open-ness of that. A senario where everone was accepted as they were and everyone was opening up physically and emotionally. Wow!

Impressive! :D

Wishing you many more happy poly moments. LOL
Aww, thanks. Yeah, it's so nice when jealously isn't part of the equation, support is mutual and inherant and everybody gets along.
that's so cool.

I like that even you put the question marks after the boyfriend part. It just goes to show that labels aren't for us's for the outside world.
Actually, the question mark is because we're still just dating and getting to know each other. But either way, the labels available are so limiting. There aren't many for the in betweens - a friend you love but don't have sex with, a life partner, a more than friend, but less than committed and more personal than "friend with benefits", etc.