My intro


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Well since I asked for some advice on a different board I thought I should do an introduction.

I am a bi-curious female married with 3 children-in my 30s. I have known for a long time I am poly-inclined. (inclined-because I have never had a relationship outside of marriage at this time.) Would have probably been more active in the relationship department if I was not so busy with the 3 kids. Have been married for 11 years together for 12. We talked about it 8-9 years ago and decided on an open marriage. (He is more open marriage inclined-me more poly, but he knows that!)

Most of my family, and his dad know we have an open marriage. Though that has caused some complications when he has a relationship and I don't! One of these days I will start a blog and mention when my family met his girlfriend! LOL!

We are not actively in/seeking other relationships right now, but if they happen, they happen.


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We're in the same boat, sorta... we've always been open, but after we got married - and then had a kid - it's made getting out and meeting people willing to get involved with either of us a lot harder. I still regularly attend scifi/fantasy conventions - because I'm an artist and aspiring humoristy type person - but haven't had much luck do to the short term and hustley bustley nature of things, and my wife barely gets out at all between her current lack of job and angry toddler to fend off.

Now that our daughter is almost two, and that I've officially become tired of waiting for that right person to just accidentally fall into her/my/our lives, we're more proactively pursuing the option of dating again... and so we're here, this time to learn more about how others are doing it instead of just working it out on our own.