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I'm not quite sure where to put this as there doesn't seem to be a place where we can put links.

IS there a thread where we can put links for general knowledge? If not could one maybe be started? Thanx.

If this isn't the place could someone please move it to where it should be? Thanx.

Franklin Veaux, creator of Xeromag, has a new site. It's dedicated solely to poly and already has some new articles on it.

Here is what he wrote about it:

A while ago, I made reference to a new poly-related project I'm working on. I'm pleased to announce that my new polyamory Web site, More Than Two, is now live at

Over the past couple of years, a lot of folks have asked me if I would consider moving the pages from over to a new site, because they wanted to be able to send friends or family to it but didn't think that some of the other content on (usually, the BDSM content) would be appreciated.

The poly pages at are also a bit disorganized, as they're listed in the order in which I wrote them rather than any sort of logical order.

More Than Two has all the pages from the poly section of, rearranged and grouped in a way that (I hope!) makes them easier to navigate. The existing pages at will stay there and on More Than Two, but all new poly content I write will end up on More Than Two, not on There are already several new pages up on More Than Two that aren't on Xeromag.

It's not quiiiite 100% finished yet, but it's close. I'd appreciate especially if folks report any problems they see (and what browser they see them in), since the design involves some funky CSS.


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