NJ Poly Group

Hi guys!!

I've started a private facebook poly group for poly folks in the central Jersey area. If anyone would be interested in joining, shoot me a message :)

All poly people in all areas of the country are welcome, but we will most likely be setting up meetups, so that might hinder in person participation for some people.

Hope to hear from you soon
So I would like to point out that it seems the last time the member who posted this was on line was in 2013. That being said, this thread was what actually brought me to this site ultimately.

It seems there is a desire for some sort of community in NJ, so maybe the few of us who have posted here more recently can all come together and discuss making our own group? It doesn't have to be on Facebook either, there is Meetup, PolyFinda, and Fetlife as well that we can utilize.

I would say that I would take charge on thus, but to be honest I don't believe I am able to dedicate the time required at the moment to do ths on my own effectively.

I would love to join!