Northern BC Couple Looking for a connection


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Hey there everyone! New to the site. We are a 28 year old male and female couple been together 7 years looking for a female to start a long term relationship.

She teaches dance to children and adults and is following her passion, he has a great job that allows us to not have to worry financially! We have such an array of things we enjoy doing such as travelling (now that covid restrictions are down), walking trails, staying fit, nearly anything to do with the outdoors, gaming, watching shows on netflix or disney+, running the few different businesses we have started up, and watching our nearly 4 year old daughter grow :)

We would consider ourselves to be excellent communicators, and we understand that any relationship takes effort to maintain! Super open minded to discussion and to find out what you would want out of this polyamorous relationship. :) We strongly believe that everyone has equal opinion/say, and that everyones feelings matter when it comes to the three of us.

If you like what you are reading so far or are curious feel free to reply to this thread, or add our snap cheek174 if you prefer that as well!

Ps People from Northern BC preferred but for the right person distance doesn't matter all that much.