note about the "Dating & Friendships" section


I feel that "Dating & Friendships" needs clarification for the benefit of users.

Firstly, these forums are NOT for commentary. If people want to introduce themselves, they will (or at least ought to) use the :eek: Introductions forum.

Secondly, these are essentially a "personal ads" section. Anyone who is not interested in the OP's situation should not reply. Anything seeming of questionable appropriateness can be flagged for moderation.

If you aren't interested in the OP, then start your own thread rather than hijacking for your own benefit. Doesn't make you look good.

Also, this applies in particular to new members here: check the date. If someone started a thread five years ago, & has a total of maybe three posts, they're likely not here anymore. If what they propose interests you, then start your own thread.

If you want to contact someone, then contact them directly (click on their username) rather than trying to crowd yourself at them publicly or (worse) demand that they get in touch with you if they're interested. This makes you appear somewhat clueless, in front of potentially all 2,800 people who regularly use this site & maybe the 175,000 signed up here.

On a related note, when someone states their region ("I love living in Bangkok") don't reply "will you move to Seattle?" Again, that clueless look. At least contact them privately.

A general rule of personals ads, particularly online: if you want to interest someone, then say something interesting. Even if your English is poor, when you stop at "Hi, me too!!" it doesn't make you stand out at all.
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